Dance Studio, Dance Company, Theatre Company, and Club Contacts

Dance Studios, Dance Companies, Theatre Companies, and other training organizations (figure skating and gymnastics clubs) make the choice to partner with us so that their students can receive high-school credit for the quality instruction they receive from their instructors.  It recognizes the enormous amount of time students have invested in training, rehearsal and performance.

Our partners have many reasons for doing this:

  • Being able to offer high-school credit for courses gives organizations an edge when compared to similar organizations that do not offer high-school credit.  It is simply an option that many do not offer.

  • Performers who are taking courses on-line can choose to reduce the number of courses they are taking at their bricks and mortar school, because they are receiving credit for their performing arts training.  This will allow them to have time during the school day to either complete their homework or to train during the day if the organization supports them with space and mentorship. 

  • This extra time can greatly reduce the stress many performing arts students feel as they carry full loads at school, while training late into the evening several days a week and/or on the weekend. This often leads to students achieving a higher level with their dance technique.

  • Some studios/clubs are offering "day-time academies" with students in grades 10 -12, all taking our courses, coming in to the studio to train regularly every day.

  • Performers taking our courses achieve a deeper understanding of anatomy, physical health and injury prevention, emotional health, the expectations of working in performing arts, artistic discussion and dance/theatre history.  As a result, they are able to take their extra-curricular training further, and they are better prepared for post-secondary training and a performing arts career.

  • There is no requirement for students to take Dance Society exams in order to receive credit for the dance courses.  This can reduce the cost and the anxiety for some students.

  • Teachers at the studio have access to the courses their students are registered in, so they can easily access the rich resources and encourage students at the studio to use them to enrich their learning, whether those students are in our courses or not.

This partnership is a win-win-win for Coilean Arts, the studio, and the students.

Expectations on the Studio, Company or Club

If your students are taking a course that requires instruction from you, you will be asked to

  • verify the accuracy of the schedule the student has completed,

  • verify the accuracy of the attendance calendar the student submits for the first month of training, and

  • complete, at the end of your training season, a critique of the student's skills, attitudes and growth in the art form, using a tick sheet provided to you from the on-line school.

If you're interested in helping us bring quality training to your students, please contact us right away.