• Will Cullen

Stress Management, Tip One

TIME MANAGEMENT: Use a calendar, planner, or your phone app to record all your classes, appointments, due dates, competition dates, show dates, etc.  Each Sunday take a look at the upcoming 2 weeks and make a "to-do" list.  Then figure out when you will be able to get to the things on the list, being sure to set priorities so the most important task are taken care of first.  Using a phone app is probably the best choice if you make sure to add in reminders.  You can generally set 2 reminders for each activity, so you can have 1 set for the day before and 1 set for an hour before.  This way, you will never be caught unawares and you should never be late.  Make sure that if you need the assistance of anyone else in those tasks, that they are aware of the timeline and that they can be there for you at the time you set.  For example, if you know there is an extra rehearsal on Sunday morning at 9 am and you will need a ride, make sure your mom or dad are aware of this well in advance....and give them a reminder or two during the week.  They have their own busy lives and stress.  Trust me, you don't want to increase their stress levels as that will generally mean an immediate increase in your own!

Use These Apps to Manage your Stress

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