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Learn Acting from Home


Class time


1:30 PM PDT, Saturday afternoons.  No defined end date. Students and families may join at any time for one month at a time.


Class location


Your home!  Come in on Zoom using the following link: on your computer or the Zoom app on your mobile device.  The Meeting ID will be sent to you when you register.


Class Structure and Style


This class is for participants aged 14 and up to learn the basics of stage performance.

Each class is 1.5 hours long, and will cover a different concept.  Students will be exposed to


  • Physical Acting technique, including Michael Chekhov’s Psychological Gesture technique.

    • This technique has been proven to be especially helpful for athletic performers and ‘movers’.

  • Intellectualized Acting technique, including Uta Hagen’s Workbook technique. 

    • This technique has been proven to be helpful for academically focused learners.

  • Additional movement theory, including the works of Rudolf Laban and Konstantin Stanislavski.


Students can expect to learn


  • how to build a character, 

  • how to think creatively, and 

  • how to prepare monologues and scenes, both alone and (if possible) with others.


Students are encouraged to work with other family members within their own household. Parents are encouraged to join in too.


Courses Taught by Will Cullen, who


  • holds a Master’s Degree in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a

    • specialty in the study of Classical and Contemporary text, and

    • thesis in the study of which acting techniques work best for dancers.

  • collaborated in the creation of new plays, and toured those works across Great Britain.

  • performed in Toronto’s famous ‘Fringe Theatre’ Festival.

  • danced professionally at Toronto’s ‘Taste of the Danforth’ Festival.

  • taught Physicalized Acting technique at Dance Studios in Ontario and British Columbia.

  • performed professionally on local stages in British Columbia as well as across Canada.

  • taught workshops and acted as consultant for community theatre productions in Canada.

  • co-developed online high school courses in Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, Choreography, and Dance Conditioning.  These courses are offered to school districts in Canada and US through Coilean Arts Inc., the industry leader in Online Performing Arts courses.

Pricing and Registration for April’s "Introduction to Acting" Classes



This training opportunity is being offered at the special introductory price of $30 per household per month.  That’s only $7.50 per class, usable by any combination of persons in your home.


This incredible price is a limited-time offer, meant to assist those who cannot leave their house during COVID-19, in finding training that they can engage in safely, with their families.


To register, please contact with the names of the participants in your family.  Payment will be done through



**This special price is only available for a limited time.**

Email us today to get started!

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