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Figure Skating as Dance Courses


Each of these courses requires registration in 60 hours or more of figure skating training with a figure skating club, per course. This is approximately 2 hours a week in a 30 week skating season.  Skaters must be training at a STAR 5 level or higher.  Below each category are links to an outline of the course assignments and the related dance curriculum by grade level.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students take Dance Foundations (FS) before taking the Technique and Performance (FS) course.  Once they are completed the second unit in that course, they can sign up for Dance Technique and Performance (FS).  Figure Skaters are encouraged to take Dance Foundations each year, as it will help them focus on developing and implementing a plan to achieve their season goals. 


  • Dance Foundations (FS):  The focus of this course is on the development of your technique. You will work to develop expression of yourself through movement in one or more styles of figure skating.  In addition, you will explore the world of skating and all it encompasses beyond the techniques involved - from preparing to skate safely, through understanding what makes clubs unique and effective places to learn, to exploring ways to feed your creative muse while staying healthy and exploring what can be learned from watching other skaters and athletic artists perform. You will be working with a figure skating club to develop your skating technique in your chosen style(s). 


Dance Foundations 10 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Foundations 11 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Foundations 12 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum


  • Dance Technique and Performance (FS):  The focus of this course is on your performance at competitions or in shows. You will work to develop technique that will enhance the performance to take it beyond a recital of steps and movements.  You will also learn the importance of preparing to move safely throughout your skating training, and research the history of and issues in figure skating.  You will be working with a figure skating club to develop your skating technique in your chosen style(s). 


Dance Technique and Performance 10 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Technique and Performance 11 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Technique and Performance 12 (FS) Assignments or Curriculum


  • Dance Conditioning:  You will explore and apply the principles of training for an athletic art, such as dance, figure skating, artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, while ensuring you are protecting yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.  You will learn about how to move better through the study of somatics, specifically by exploring and experiencing the Feldenkrais method.

Dance Conditioning 11 Assignments or Curriculum

Dance Conditioning 12 Assignments or Curriculum

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