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Students Living in British Columbia, Canada

Join the many students already taking advantage of the quality training and flexibility provided by our Performing and Athletic Arts courses.  Study Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre, anytime, anywhere!  Receive high school credit towards graduation for the courses you complete.  There is no fee for enrolling in the courses, but be aware that some courses require students to be taking classes at their local studio or club.

As a student in BC you are eligible to enroll in more than one school, as long as one of them is an on-line (DL) school.  We have partnered with some different DL schools, so you will have your choice which of them you would like to register with.  All of this can be done from the comfort of your home.

  • Decide which course(s) you want to take.  You can start the courses at any time during the school year.

    • Check out the course descriptions for the different courses.​

    • Write down the name of the course(s) you want to take, as you will need to select them from a list.

    • If you are enrolling in Dance Foundations, Dance Technique and Performance, or Dance Company courses, you will need to complete 2 forms and have them verified by your dance studio.  Your first task in the course will be to upload these forms, so you will want to print them, complete them and have them signed by a staff member at your studio.

    • If you are enrolling in Theatre Company you will need to compete 1 form and have​ it verified by the director.

  • If you are a new student to the DL school you have chosen, you will need to provide a copy of your care card and birth certificate to prove you are normally a resident of BC.  

    • Take a picture or a scan of care card and upload it to your computer.

    • Take a picture or a scan of your birth certificate and upload it to your computer.

    • Once you have completed the online registration (explained below) you will need to email those files to online school you have chosen.  Include in the email your name and the courses you registered in.

  • Ready to get started?  Choose one of the online schools listed below. (Note: Students anywhere in BC can register with any online school, even if they are already enrolled in another school.)

NOTE: when you register on these sites you will probably be asked to select particular courses. Take a look at the Dance course names very carefully.  The figure skating versions will have (FS) as part of the course name, while the gymnastics versions will have (G) as part of their name.  If you accidentally get put into the wrong version of the course, just contact the school above and they will move you into the correct one.

  • Do you need help or have questions?  We are here to help.  Contact  us. 

Students Living Outside of British Columbia, Canada

We are in the process of making our courses available to students across Canada and throughout the United States.  Your interest in our courses can help make that happen.  Please contact  us by email to let us know what courses you would like to take.

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