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Providing Quality Arts Education in Every Community

Coilean Arts Inc. is the only company offering  comprehensive on-line high school courses in the performing and athletic arts (dance, figure skating, and gymnastics).

Originally designed to meet the requirements of the new British Columbia fine arts curriculum, the courses have the potential to provide quality arts instruction in any school district across Canada and internationally.  Not every school in every district can offer performing arts courses.  With our courses, students anywhere can have access to quality curriculum, as well as professional mentorship, in their chosen art form.  


Every course has been co-developed by a professional in the art form and a professional educator, ensuring that it provides the industry training artists' need, while meeting high school standards for instruction and assessment.

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In addition, our dance courses were developed in partnership with dance studios and athletic coaches who wanted to validate the learning and achievements of their students through high-school credit.  As a result of this relationship, we have perfected two streams of courses:

  • All of our dance foundations, company, and technique courses, as well as our theatre company courses, are designed to be completed in partnership with a studio, theatre or athletic (figure skating or gymnastics) training centre.  The training provided by these community partners will represent a significant portion of the learning in these courses.

  • All of our drama, conditioning and choreography courses are fully contained and designed to be worked through in the same way that an academic on-line English or Science course might be completed.   Video and audio resources are supplied to facilitate the learning, and students will create video samples of their work as part of the ongoing assessment in the course. 

Learn more about the different courses offered by clicking on the Courses link at the top of this page.


Learn how to get started as a student, or as a partner: on-line school, studio, or theatre group by clicking on the Getting Started link at the top of this page.

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